Sunday, 26 July 2015

Of Books and Ringgit

Peace be upon you,people :)

I woke up with a toughest decision I've ever made: to sell my books.

I'm a bibliophile,I love books so much I'm struggling to buy a book,or books I shall say every time I go to bookstores. Kinokuniya could drive me nuts as I've too little penny in my pocket yet a vast collection of books there is seducing me to grab them. Even my relatives call me a total nerd,while they're talking about manicure pedicure,Instafamous and stuff,I couldn't really blend in so same thing happened to them when they see me with a book in my hand. During my sem breaks,books are going to be one of the reason why my luggage are extra heavy.Baju tak banyak buku sampai 5 6 bawa balik.I enjoyed bookstores more than boutiques that's how lame and plain I could be.

I love my books man,I really do. But things have been rough many things to buy with so little amount of money

- repair my laptop and phone screen
- a blazer for debate
- buying stuff for new session in uni

- Lang Leav's books
- I swear thre's more but I couldn't recall them huhu nyanyuk

To gain something I have to lose something. By that to buy some important stuff I have to sacrifice some of my books. Anything to help my parents,helping myself.

Moga Allah datangkan barakah atas nawaitu aku. Semoga.

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